CIA confirms Kim Jong-Un is planning to humiliate Donald Trump

Donald Trump made the desperate mistake of staking himself to the idea that he could convince Kim Jong-Un to give up North Korea’s nuclear program, and ever since, Kim has been taking advantage of this. First, Kim threatened to cancel his summit with Trump, prompting Trump to cancel the summit himself, only to quickly realize he shouldn’t have. Now Trump is desperately trying to get the summit back on the table. But a new CIA report says Kim is planning to use it to humiliate Trump.

The CIA has released a new intel assessment which concludes that Kim Jong-Un has no intention of giving up his nuclear weapons program. Instead, incredibly – and we know this sounds like something out of The Onion but it’s being reported by NBC News and others – Kim is going to offer to let Trump open a burger joint in North Korea. No, really.

Clearly the CIA must be relying on some sort of inside sources or wiretaps or other surveillance means, if it’s aware of Kim’s strategy in this specific of detail. So now we know that Kim is planning to use his summit to offer Trump a bunch of sideshow nonsense such as putting a McDonald’s in Pyongyang, while refusing to give up his nuclear program. This is a slap in Trump’s face, as Kim knows that Trump can’t declare victory on this with any degree of credibility unless he can say that he got Kim to give up his nuclear missiles.

In general terms, we already knew this. Donald Trump has zero accomplishments, his approval rating is in the toilet, and his criminal scandals are closing in on him. He desperately needs this summit to happen and to go well, but Kim Jong-Un doesn’t need it at all. Kim can afford to lure Trump into sitting down with him, only to screw with him by talking about opening a burger joint together. Worse for Trump, there’s no way out of this, because he’s already married himself to this guy.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report