CIA General Counsel has referred Donald Trump for criminal charges

At this point Donald Trump has a lot more to worry about than just whether he’ll be impeached and removed from office. He also has to worry about the increasing probability that he’ll be criminally indicted, arrested, put on trial, and sent to prison after he’s ousted from office. Today, that narrative took a major turn.

Because the Ukraine whistleblower is a CIA agent, he first took his concerns to the CIA General Counsel. We’ve known this for several days. But what we didn’t know until just now is that, according to a bombshell from NBC News, the CIA General Counsel responded by making a criminal referral against Donald Trump to the Department of Justice. Why is this important?

Donald Trump’s corrupt Attorney General Bill Barr isn’t going to allow the CIA’s criminal case against Donald Trump to result in an indictment against Trump, for obvious reasons. But Barr is running out of rope here, as he’s one of the people accused of criminal wrongdoing in the whistleblower complaint. At some point the House impeachment inquiry will manage to force Barr to step away for fear of ending up in prison himself, either through resignation or recusal. That’ll create a situation where the new person in charge can rip up the policy about not indicting a sitting president, and Trump can be indicted.

Not only does this create a new avenue for Donald Trump’s ouster, it also helps cement that Trump will end up criminally indicted on federal charges. If it doesn’t happen before he leaves office, it’ll now certainly happen the minute he’s ousted. This is in addition to the state-level charges in New York that are looming against Trump, which can’t be pardoned by any current or future president.

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