Donald Trump the chump

Within the span of hours, the nation suffered through two new mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, with more than two dozen dead and many more wounded. The response from Republicans, as always, has been thoughts and prayers and empty words. Donald Trump proved it again today.

Earlier today, ahead of his live remarks on the tragedy, Trump called for background checks and called them even “strong background checks.” But alas, at the press statement remarks, the only things he talked about were endorsing the death penalty for shooters who commit such crimes, and blaming “gruesome and grisly video games.” He also used the old, tired bullshit, “guns don’t kill people, people kill people,” stating, “mental illness and hatred pulls the trigger, not the gun.”

Then in a tweet, he had the gall and audacity to place a huge amount of the blame on the media. He tweeted: “The Media has a big responsibility to life and safety in our Country. Fake News has contributed greatly to the anger and rage that has built up over many years. News coverage has got to start being fair, balanced and unbiased, or these terrible problems will only get worse!”

The feckless GOP remained silent. As always. Allowing this #PieceOfTotallyUselessShit to carry on with nothing. In addition to the two mass shootings, additional gunfire and violence took place in other locations as well. In Chicago, in its Lawndale neighborhood, one person was killed and seven were wounded in one shooting. Yet, #MoscowMitch and Trump will do nothing.

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