Chuck Schumer comes out swinging

Chuck Schumer say’s he’s holding a Senate vote next week to pass Roe v. Wade into law. Good! The vote will definitely fail, but that’s the point. Let these Senate Republicans filibuster it. It’ll put pressure on the likes of Sinema and Murkowski to exempt it from filibuster. And if they refuse, it’s our narrative for winning more seats in November.

When the Senate vote fails next week, a lot of folks on our side will use it as an excuse to yell “all hope is lost, we’re doomed!” But these are people who have no idea how political strategy works, no interest in winning, and no clue what they’re yelling about. Ignore them.


The point is to force the issue, in a way that gets headlines, clues more of the public into what the problem and solution are, and sets up a springboard for moving forward. This is how these things succeed, when they succeed. The alternative is to sit around and talk about how we’re going to lose, which will guarantee that we’ll lose.

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