The real reason President Biden is sticking with FBI Director Christopher Wray

President Biden is keeping FBI Director Christopher Wray in place, according to Reuters. That’s a good thing. FBI Director is a ten year term, and the President isn’t supposed to fire him without having a specific disqualifying reason. It’s different from cabinet members, who are nearly always replaced when a new President comes in.

Best anyone can tell from the outside, Wray has been doing his job well in the face of Trump. Wray continued to push the truths that Russia and white supremacists are the biggest threats to U.S. national security, two messages that Trump never wanted out there. It also appears that Wray allowed the FBI to build criminal cases against Trump allies.

If this later turns out not to have been the case, and that Wray was secretly sabotaging things for Trump, then President Biden can always fire him at that point, as that would give Biden proper justification for firing him. But keep in mind that Biden is now getting detailed information from the inside. He knows if Wray is clean or dirty. This appears to be a signal that Biden knows Wray is clean.

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