Donald Trump has completely berserk Christmas Eve meltdown

Now that he’s lost the election, we rarely cover Donald Trump’s Twitter meltdowns anymore, as they’ve become far less relevant. But Trump’s meltdown tonight may be instructive, both because it shows how bad of a Christmas Eve he’s having, and because of who’s being targeted.

For instance, Trump is now falsely taking credit for having gotten Mitch McConnell reelected, and accusing McConnell of now abandoning him, declaring “I will NEVER FORGET!” In other words, Trump really is threatening to take McConnell down with him. It’s not clear that an increasingly hobbled Trump has this kind of reach, but it’s notable that Trump’s anger is now primarily focused on McConnell and the Republicans.

Trump is also accusing Twitter of “communism” for daring to put warning labels on his false election claims. That’s right, communism. Trump is also whining about Republicans in Congress because they’re refusing to do anything about this “communism.”


Trump’s meltdown tonight reads like the kind of screed you’d see from an unhinged madman like the Unabomber, which gives away just how severely Trump’s psyche is unraveling. But he also very much sounds like someone who knows he’s defeated, as he sounds like the defeated movie villain who yells “you’ll never get away with it” as he’s being dragged away in handcuffs.

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