Chris Christie just found a whole new way to blow it

What is happening around the country to school board members is terrorism. I want to get that out of the way. It is not “parents speaking out.” It is not “standing up against masks.” It is definitely not “speaking out against Critical race theory. It is terrorism.

Speaking out — verbalizing a specific point of view — is done in a polite and respectful manner. For example: “I believe we should work hard to make sure Virginia stays blue and the Democrat is elected as the next Virginia Governor.”

This is a point of view. And I said it politely.

Now take a look at THIS: “You evil traitors! We know who you are! (we surround a car.) “We’re coming for you. Stop your brainwashing, you pathetic cowards, or we will hunt you down because we know who you are.”

THAT is not speaking out. Yet THOSE types of words are frequently spoken with vitriol at innocent parents and school board members by enraged MAGA parents.

This is the difference between assertiveness and aggression. There is a WORLD of difference. And I am vastly sick of crazed GOP members pretending there isn’t. This all leads to a prime example of a coward. Chris Christie is whom I speak of.

Appearing on ABC’S “This week,” Christie earnestly argued for the right to threaten and intimidate teachers. It depends on what you call a threat, Donna,” the Bridgegate expert exclaimed. That “Donna” was Donna Brazile. “Parents standing up for what they want is not a threat.”

I suppose some could consider his outburst to be a good thing as now he has firmly torpedoed any chance he had of getting the GOP nomination for President in 2024 — not that he would ever have been the nominee anyway.

Christie’s attempt to emulate MAGA failed miserably as Brazile shot back at him in an epic way:

“A threat is when you verbally assault someone and threaten their lives,” Donna said.

“It’s a continuation of January 6, and we should not allow that to happen.”


Way to go, Donna. Christie really needs to go away. Perhaps he can slink away to Cancun with Ted Cruz and enjoy a nice vacation. Just please stop speaking, Chris Christie. Please.

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