The real story behind Donald Trump’s big lie about Chloroquine drug and the coronavirus

Donald Trump held a press conference today, with Dr. Anthony Fauci conspicuously missing, and announced that a drug named Chloroquine had been approved for treatment of the coronavirus. The trouble is, this isn’t true at all – and it’s crucial that everyone know the real truth about the drug.

Shortly after Donald Trump’s big lie today, FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn confirmed that Chloroquine – an old drug used to treat malaria – has merely been approved for a clinical trial to treat the coronavirus. This means the government doesn’t know for sure if Chloroquine is safe for coronavirus patients, and doesn’t even know for sure if it’ll be truly effective against coronavirus.

Donald Trump did fast track the drug for coronavirus testing today – which is a good thing. But by falsely announcing that the drug is now available for coronavirus treatment, Trump is giving people false hope about an imminent cure. Worse, he’s misleading people into believing that it’s safe to defy quarantine and social distancing measures, because this will all somehow magically be over at any moment. Trump needs to shut his mouth and let the scientists do the speaking.

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