Donald Trump tries to cover up the true horror of his child concentration camps

In an attempt to shift the blame for the conditions at the immigrant concentration camps on our southern border, it appears that Donald Trump’s plan is to point to Democrats as the ones who are to blame for the filth and inhumane conditions in the camp cages. Blame Obama’s administration and blame current House Democrats as being responsible for the detestable conditions… these are the talking points for all Republicans this week.

One Department of Justice attorney argued in court that it is not the government’s responsibility to pay for soap, toothbrushes or toothpaste. The deplorable Vice President Mike Pence snickered as he argued in front of the cameras that this is because of the failure of Democrats to give more money to the Trump Administration to take care of the children. The chuckle suggested that we are all too dumb to understand what is truly going on there. The alternative facts got worse as Donald Trump himself attempted to re-write history on Meet the Press. He blamed Obama for child separation, completely ignoring the Jeff Sessions doctrine of family separation. Trump claimed to be the unifier who brought the families together.

If there was any doubt before, it has become completely clear that this president is not only unqualified, he is in full coverup mode. The negative press about the conditions in the detention centers is drawing more attention to the administration’s immigration policies. As Trump provides different versions of his story to different news outlets, attempting to frame the news in a favorable light, he has lost control of the narrative. As of this evening, more than 300 children have been moved out of an overcrowded border station after attorneys visited the facility and exposed its conditions.

Access to these facilities has been largely restricted, so it is clear that this visit by the attorneys is not making the Trump Administration happy. Evelyn Stauffer, a representative of the Department of Health and Human Services has called these conditions an urgent humanitarian crisis.

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