Ivanka Trump is cheating

One thing that becomes more obvious every day is that Donald Trump’s hypocrisy knows no bounds. When the $34 billion of tariffs on products from China went into effect at midnight last Friday, there were a few items that were mysteriously exempt from any tariffs. And when I say “mysteriously” I clearly mean totally one hundred percent expected, as they are the sweatshop-made items from Ivanka Trump’s fashion line.

This all comes after China agreed to issue trademarks to Ivanka’s fashion brand in May. It just happened to coincide with when Donald Trump promised to save the Chinese telecom company ZTE, which American intelligence says previously called a threat to national security. The South China Morning Post states that “about a third of the clothing and 72 per cent of the shoes sold in the US are from China.”

While Ivanka’s China produced products remain free of tariffs, the company Chengdu Kameido Shoes in Sichuan is fighting to win a bid to manufacture even more of Ivana’s products. By not facing the tariffs that most other products imported from China do, Ivanka’s items will effectively be twenty five percent cheaper to American consumers. Without this advantage, many of Ivanka’s items would cost more than many already made in America.

Let us also not forget that little has been said in the news since it was announced last year that Ivanka is facing investigation over her now-defunct fine jewelry line after the Commercial Bank of Dubai subpoenaed her, claiming that the diamonds were part of a $100 million money laundering operation. One would think that such a damning allegation against the First Daughter would not disappear in the media so fast, but we are dealing with a Trump Crime Family that has been taking part in illegal activities for decades, making it difficult to keep up with so much corruption and scandals coming out nearly daily.

I’m a ceramic engineer living in Central New York, avid sports fan but find myself more interested in politics lately.