Donald Trump reveals which criminal charge he fears the most

When all is said and done, Donald Trump will end up on trial for so many different kinds of felony charges, it’ll be difficult to keep track of them all. Trump will be tried on charges ranging from conspiracy against the United States, to money laundering, to witness tampering, on down. But today Trump made a move which unwittingly revealed which criminal charge he fears the most.

In the few months since Rudy Giuliani joined Donald Trump’s legal team, Rudy has been trying to negotiate an interview between Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller. There is no one other than Rudy who thinks this is a good move for Trump, as he’s likely to either incriminate himself by blurting out the truth about his crimes, or incriminate himself by getting caught lying. Nor does Trump have any leverage when it comes to such an interview, because Mueller doesn’t need it. Yet Rudy keeps making interview proposals to Mueller – and this latest iteration gives something away.

Donald Trump is now willing to sit down with Robert Mueller for an interview, so long as the questions are only about his campaign’s criminal conspiracy with Russia to rig the election, and not about Trump’s subsequent obstruction of justice, according to a new Bloomberg report. In other words, Trump thinks he can BS his way out of the treason stuff, but he’s scared to death of having to answer questions about his obstruction. This tells us a lot.

First, it tells us that Donald Trump doesn’t think he can BS his way out of obstruction of justice charges. This could be because he still doesn’t seem to understand what obstruction is. Second, it may tell us that Trump and his lawyers believe obstruction charges would take him down the most swiftly. In any case, as is increasingly the case, Trump and his team keep giving away what they fear the most.

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