Chaos erupts within Donald Trump’s legal team and Michael Flynn’s legal team in the same day – and it can’t be coincidence

Donald Trump’s former lawyer just became screwed, because of something he did to Michael Flynn’s lawyer. Michael Flynn’s lawyer then became unemployed. Donald Trump’s other lawyer then announced he was about to become unemployed, only to quickly change his mind. If all of the above sounds like it can’t be mere coincidence, consider that it all just happened on the same day.

Yesterday, the DOJ complied with Judge Emmet Sullivan’s order and publicly released the voicemail that Trump’s then lawyer John Dowd left for Michael Flynn’s lawyer. Everyone knew this was coming, as the transcript of the voicemail had already been released. But it demonstrated that Dowd committed felony obstruction of justice for Trump’s benefit. Then suddenly out of nowhere, Flynn’s lawyer issued a court filing announcing that Flynn was replacing him with a new, unnamed legal team. Yep, Flynn fired the lawyer who was on the receiving end of the voicemail that had just been released.

Flynn has already taken the time to hire new lawyers, so he clearly decided prior to today to make the switch. But why make it official today of all days? It’s almost as if Flynn wanted to make sure everyone knew that he was ditching the guy who received the voicemail. But then came the bizarre part. Hours after Trump’s former lawyer John Dowd suffered a bodyblow, Trump’s current lawyer Rudy Giuliani announced in an interview that he was wrapping things up and leaving Trump’s team. Then before the day was over, Rudy announced on Twitter that he wasn’t quitting, and never had any intention of quitting.

What the heck was all that back there? Too many potential explanations come to mind to list them all, and none of them come across as particularly logical. All we know is that the odds of all these interlocking moves taking place in the same day, and being one big coincidence, are infinitesimal. Something is going on here. Look for more shoes to drop on this front. One of the key rules of Donald Trump’s scandals is that when something strange happens that doesn’t make sense, it ends up being really important later.

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