The story of Jeffrey Epstein’s death just changed dramatically

Earlier today, Palmer Report pointed out that Donald Trump’s corrupt Attorney General Bill Barr appeared to be planting stories in the media which assigned the blame for Jeffrey Epstein’s “apparent suicide” to the employees at the prison where he died. No surprise; we caught him doing this during the Mueller report saga as well. This came even as Barr pulled the warden and two other officials off the job, in an apparent effort at preemptively pinning the blame on them before the incident could be properly investigated. Now things have changed dramatically.

Tonight the New York Times is reporting that two staff members at Jeffrey Epstein’s jail were falsifying records which claimed that they were checking in on him every half hour, and that no one had in fact checked in on Epstein for a three hour period around the time of his death. Instead, the guards were reportedly both sleeping.

This all sounds plausible, if you don’t put too much thought into it. After all, they wouldn’t be the first nighttime security guards to sleep on the job. But why would they both sleep at the same time? If they were trying not to get caught, wouldn’t they sleep in shifts, so one could act as a lookout in case someone came snooping around? This same NYT report also asserts that Epstein was found dead, contradicting earlier major media reports.

The real trouble here is that this is all coming together way too quickly and easily, as if we were watching an episode of CSI and the entire solution to the crime presented itself within the first ten minutes of the episode. We’re once again left to wonder if Bill Barr is the unnamed source for this latest media report. In any case, we expect the official story surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s death to continue changing in the coming hours and days.

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