Is Adam Schiff about to reveal that he has Donald Trump’s cellphone records too?

This evening, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff revealed that he’s had an ace up his sleeve the entire time. He released the call logs that he’d gotten from AT&T and Verizon, detailing Rudy Giuliani’s pattern of phone calls to the Trump administration as they coordinated their criminal efforts in the Ukraine extortion plot. The thing is, Schiff may have just tipped off that he has a far bigger ace up his sleeve.

We now know that the House sought phone records from AT&T and Verizon involving the president’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and that these two companies ended up complying. If a thorough and detail-oriented former prosecutor like Adam Schiff went after Giuliani’s cellphone records as part of an investigation into Donald Trump, is there any way that Schiff didn’t also seek Trump’s cellphone records?

Further, is it realistic to think that AT&T and Verizon were willing to turn over Rudy’s cellphone records, but not Trump’s cellphone records? Trump has taken legal action to try to stop various companies from turning over things like his banking records and tax returns – but he can only fight these things if he knows beforehand that they’re going to happen. Trump clearly didn’t know that Schiff was going after cellphone records. And if Schiff really is going after Trump’s phone records, he’s too smart to have revealed today that he’s got Rudy’s phone records, unless he already has Trump’s phone records in hand.

Like any good prosecutor who’s trying to sway a jury (in this case the court of public opinion), Adam Schiff has been rolling out his evidence in escalating stages. We wouldn’t be surprised at all if he already has Donald Trump’s cellphone records in relation to the Ukraine scandal, and he uses them to drop his next bomb. Stay tuned.

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