Mitt Romney has already caved to Donald Trump after just one day

Yesterday, incoming Republican Senator Mitt Romney turned a lot of heads when he vowed to stand up against Donald Trump’s racism and anti-immigrant stance at every turn. Earlier today, Palmer Report predicted that Romney would end up caving to Trump, because Romney is a puppet of the conservative billionaires who control the Republican Party, and in turn, the party is under Trump’s control. We just didn’t know he’d cave this quickly.

Just one day after Mitt Romney published his anti-Trump op-ed, he appeared on CNN this afternoon with host Jake Tapper. During the interview, Romney flatly stated that he supports Donald Trump’s border wall. Well, there goes that. Romney vowed to push back against anything Trump did that was racist or anti-immigrant, yet he’s immediately caving on the centerpiece of Trump’s racist and anti-immigrant agenda.

It’s not just that Mitt Romney is a corrupt, weak-willed flip flopper, though he is in fact all of these things. It’s that Romney is a party line kind of guy. The current Republican Party leadership wants to give Donald Trump his border wall, so Romney is automatically for it. It’s a reminder that no one can get anywhere in the GOP these days by defying the party’s highly centralized power base.

This is also a reminder that, while Mitt Romney is polite and eloquent, he is a polite and eloquent bigot. We saw this during the 2016 presidential election, when Romney pushed an extremist anti-gay agenda while trying to obscure his bigotry by using gentle language. Now Romney is very politely endorsing Donald Trump’s racist wall. It’s not that Romney is just like Trump; he’s not. It’s that Romney is just like Mike Pence, which on some level makes him scarier.