Donald Trump just caved

Last month the Trump administration announced that it would no longer give Congress in-person briefings on foreign security threats in the 2020 election. At the time, some observers believed it meant that Donald Trump had found a way to magically win the election. But Palmer Report pointed out that there was no way it was going to stand.

Sure enough, the Trump regime has now caved, just as we predicted. The in-person briefings are now resuming, according to the Associated Press. This does’t mean that Trump’s election antics are over; he and his goon squad will surely try some other stunt now.

But this is the latest reminder that Donald Trump doesn’t have a magic wand. He can’t simply decide to do something corrupt and automatically pull it off, simply because he wants to. There’s a way things work in politics, and Trump was always going to have to cave to Congress on the briefings.

The real question is why the Trump regime wasted its time, focus, and limited remaining political muscle on a stunt like this when it was never going to hold up anyway. Even by their own villainous standards, shouldn’t they have been running a smarter con than this, and one that had a chance of working? Donald Trump and his henchmen just aren’t very good at predicting what they’re going to be able to get away with.

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