Donald Trump just got caught in the act

As the coronavirus crisis continues to get worse and take more attention, we knew that the Trump regime would start trying to do as many corrupt things as possible while it thought no one was paying attention. Fortunately, some of the right people are paying attention, and the Trump regime just got caught in the act.

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman has caught Donald Trump’s Department of Labor trying to simply get rid of Affirmative Action in the midst of the coronavirus crisis:

Today, I learned that the Department of Labor is suspending its affirmative action guidelines. For decades we have fought to ensure that minority and women owned businesses were given the opportunity to work on federal, state, and local projects. Now with the stroke of a pen, the @USDOL has decided that one way to overcome this crisis is to suspend fairness rules on these projects. This is a further expression of the racism evidenced by the Trump Administration. On the day the Senate passed the largest economic stimulus package in American history, the Administration has decided now is the time to cut out women and minority owned businesses.

The good news is that when it comes to stopping these kinds of corrupt moves, knowing is half the battle. Because Bonnie Watson Coleman has caught Trump in the act on this, and because she’s sounding the alarm, there’s a chance we’ll be able to pressure the Department of Labor into picking its battles and reversing this move.

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