Donald Trump has “catturd” meltdown after complaining about “massive dumps”

Donald Trump tried calling the Republican Governor of Arizona today during a televised hearing, and the Governor sent Trump to voicemail. You’d think this would have to be Trump’s most embarrassing moment of the day. There’s no way to top that, right?

Now Trump has arguably found a way to top it. He’s spent half the night repeatedly retweeting someone named “cat turd.” No, really. Actually he’s retweeting @catturd2 – and if you’re wondering why the “2” is necessary, we checked, and @catturd1 got suspended.

And what does cat turd have to say for himself? One of his tweets says this: “save your breath barking to us about there being no evidence.” Wait a minute, why is cat turd tweeting about barking? Does this person not know which animals make what noises? Also, on a surreal note, @catturd2 has blocked Palmer Report. How is any of this even possible?

In any case, Trump’s “cat turd” debacle comes just one day after he went on live national television and complained about “massive dumps.” So we may be detecting a pattern here. In any case, if Trump is going to keep forcing the spotlight onto himself like this, we’re going to keep humiliating him for it, until he figures out that this isn’t the kind of attention he was seeking. Fifty days and he’s no longer our problem.

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