Robert Mueller just showed us how he’s going to carve up Donald Trump

Special Counsel Robert Mueller is now deep into the process of gutting Paul Manafort like a fish. There’s no other way to put it. Mueller has exposed Manafort’s decades of crimes, as ominous as Conspiracy against the United States, as clinical as obstruction of justice, as financial as money laundering, and as detailed as the small-time defrauding of a New York City drug store. Pay close attention, because you’re watching the rough draft for what comes next.

Thanks to the various charges against Manafort, we now have a far greater understanding of the kinds of crimes that Mueller has been investigating all these past months. Does anyone really believe that Mueller had his team go to all the time and trouble to dig up every last inch of past and present crimes committed by a relative peon like Manafort, and he’s somehow not doing the same thing to Donald Trump?

We already know that Trump’s real estate projects have always been little more than money laundering clearing houses for foreign and domestic criminals. Some of Trump’s biggest projects have been in conjunction with a guy named Felix Sater, who was convicted years ago of laundering money for the Russian mafia, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Trump’s Atlantic City casinos were busted in early 2015 for having spent several years facilitating money laundering, as Palmer Report was the first to report. It’s why he’s gotten the funding he’s gotten, even though he has a laugh-out-loud terrible track record as a businessman. It’s why he’s bankrupted so many of his own properties after they’ve outlived their usefulness to his criminal clientele.

Donald Trump and Paul Manafort have lived parallel lives. They’ve spent decades passing money back and forth with criminals around the world, and getting away with it – up to now – because they never faced the scrutiny that comes with being part of rigged presidential election. Robert Mueller is going to charge Trump with everything he just charged Manafort with, including every penny of financial fraud, every last instance of obstruction of justice, and every time he conspired with Russia against the United States. Trump will be indicted on hundreds of criminal charges in the end. Manafort is just a warm-up.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report