It’s all about impeachment – they just can’t say it yet

After eight consecutive years of controlling the House of Representatives and four years of Senate control, Republicans in Congress are showing increased anxiety over the likelihood of losing one or both houses. While GOP members scramble to pick up any remaining undecided voters, Democrats are doing more than just campaigning. After years of illegitimate GOP-led congressional committee investigations into Benghazi and Hillary Clinton’s emails, Democrats are prepping for their first chance in years of possessing the power to issue subpoenas and determine the agenda of each committee.

After having to sit through investigations set up for the sole purpose of hurting political rivals, Democrats will be eager to get to work on investigating real scandals. With so many criminals and grifters in the Trump administration, there will be no shortage of investigations. However, GOP members know that any talk of impeachment prior to the midterm elections could actually motivate their base and boost Republican voter turnout. “On a political level, it’s enormously helpful,” says Republican Senator John Thune. “I think a lot of our candidates are talking about if the Dems get the House, they will try and impeach (Supreme Court Justice Brett) Kavanaugh, they’ll try and impeach the President.”

Yes, if Democrats are successful at retaking control of the House, they will make it a priority to properly investigate all of Trump’s alleged crimes. Assuming Robert Mueller is able to complete his investigation, and issue a report before Trump fires him in desperation, Democrats will likely use the report as a basis to issue articles of impeachment. Democratic House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi, confirmed to the San Francisco Chronicle that obtaining Trump’s tax returns is “one of the first things we’d do.”

Several Democrats on the House Intel Committee have publicly stated their frustration and disappointment with the premature and partisan end to their investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal. Back in March, Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff (who would become committee chairman if Democrats get the House majority) presented his plans for reopening the Trump-Russia investigation. Schiff provided a list of more than thirty people whom Republicans previously refused to interview. With the list including names such as Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, and Steve Bannon, it’s no wonder Donald Trump is acting even more unhinged every day.