No wonder Donald Trump canceled his Poland trip

Last week, as Hurricane Dorian’s projected course shifted from making landfall in Puerto Rico to making landfall in Florida, Donald Trump suddenly announced at the last minute that he was canceling his planned trip to Poland, and that he was sending Mike Pence in his place. Now that Pence’s trip has played out, it’s become clear why.

At the G7 summit, we all saw that Donald Trump had been reduced to a pushover on the world stage. G7 leaders worked behind Trump’s back to carry out their agenda, and Trump didn’t even have the political muscle to push back. But Trump did bring one clear goal to the agenda, and it involved getting Russia readmitted to the G7. The other leaders essentially laughed Trump out of the building, and Trump limped home accordingly.

When Polish president Andrzej Duda stood alongside Mike Pence at a joint press conference today, Duda flat out stated he was opposed to the G7 readmitting Russia, due to Russia’s ongoing illegal occupation of portions of Ukraine. Pence was left standing there like a doofus – and that was the point. Trump didn’t have to be the one to stand there and fail his master Vladimir Putin yet again.


Meanwhile, Donald Trump was busy playing golf today instead of working on the federal government’s hurricane response, according to CNN. It’s clear now that he merely used Hurricane Dorian as an excuse to cancel his Poland trip, which he was going to find an excuse to cancel anyway. As per usual, Trump is showing literally zero leadership on the world stage, as the world walks all over him.

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