Donald Trump completely botches his campaign rally

Donald Trump is holding a campaign rally tonight in North Carolina, where it will be well attended by the scuzziest of deranged scumbags, but it’ll have no impact on the outcome of the 2020 election. There’s a specific reason Trump scheduled the rally tonight, and it has nothing to do with the campaign at all. As it turns out, Trump screwed up.

Shortly after House Democrats announced that Robert Mueller would publicly testify about Donald Trump’s crimes on July 17th, the Trump regime announced that Trump would be holding a campaign rally on the evening of the 17th. We can debate how much this was about trying to distract the media from reporting on what Mueller would have just finished saying, and how much it was about Trump trying to find a way to cheer himself up after Mueller’s devastating testimony. But we all know what didn’t happen today: Mueller didn’t testify.

Anyone who pays attention to Congressional hearings involving high profile witnesses is aware of how routinely they get delayed, for various procedural and scheduling reasons. So no one should have been surprised when, shortly after Mueller’s July 17th testimony date was announced, it got pushed to July 24th. But because Trump and his White House don’t seem to understand how anything works, they went ahead and immediately scheduled the campaign rally for the tentative date of the 17th, instead of waiting a bit to find out what the actual date would end up being.

To that end, Donald Trump is flying a thousand miles and holding a campaign rally tonight for pretty much no reason. Sure, he’ll enjoy giving a deranged speech to his pathetic supporters. But this rally was supposed to take place the same day Robert Mueller testified. If Trump would have gained by that kind of counter-programming, it’s been lost.

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