Donald Trump’s campaign is unraveling as we speak

Over the last few weeks, you heard about Donald Trump’s reckless campaign spending, from radio spots in solidly blue states where he can’t possibly win to fighting frivolous lawsuits that he hopes will slow down mail-in voting, and the indications that it’s taken a toll. Even worse, in the states that Trump needs to win, spending and campaigning may not be doing anything.

Despite dropping millions in Minnesota, a state he’s determined to flip, Trump is trailing Joe Biden there by as much as 16 points in one poll. Biden’s support since the nomination has largely remained stable, and Trump hasn’t done anything to increase his approval rating.

To give you a rough idea of how poorly things are going for Donald Trump, Joe Biden is closer to leading in Ohio, Georgia, Texas and Iowa, states that Biden doesn’t necessarily need to win, than Trump is to leading in Arizona, Pennsylvania or Michigan – states that he needs to win in order to have any shot of re-election. Even North Carolina, polled more routinely than Maine, has consistently shown Biden with a narrow lead, just as Cal Cunningham, the Democratic nominee for Senate consistently leads Sen. Thom Tillis.

Of course, the race is still early and anything could happen between now and then – but this is proof that your hard work is paying off. If we keep fighting, Joe Biden could not only win – but beat Donald Trump in a blowout. Let’s phone bank and contribute as much as we can for the sake of keeping democracy alive and elect Joe Biden and Democrats down the ballot by November 3.

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