Donald Trump abruptly cancels Camp David trip as everything falls to pieces for him

As recently as earlier today, Donald Trump was planning to head to Camp David for the weekend. But as the day has gone on and Trump’s entire life has continued to fall apart, CNN is reporting that Trump has now canceled the planned trip.

It’s still not clear why Trump was planning to head to Camp David, or why he canceled the trip. The news of the cancelation came at around the same time he posted a video in which he promised to leave office peacefully at the end of his term, and sounded like he was afraid of going to prison. At around the same time, the news broke that Trump is planning to try to pardon himself on his way out the door.


Donald Trump’s failed presidency has always been chaotic. But he’s now at the point where he’s planning a mysterious trip and then canceling it, posting what looks like a hostage video, and unraveling about as quickly as a person can unravel.

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