John Bolton just called Donald Trump’s bluff

Earlier today, Donald Trump essentially threatened to pull out a magic wand and use it to somehow block or delay John Bolton’s new book from being published. This kind of nonsensical threat isn’t going to get Trump anywhere, and we’ve been waiting for Bolton to call his bluff. Sure enough, this evening it’s happening.

Donald Trump’s White House National Security Council made the laughable claim today that John Bolton’s new book is full of top secret information – as if Bolton would be stupid enough to fill his book with classified intel. This threat has no chance of standing up in court, and in fact the only way it could result in Bolton’s book being delayed is if the judge can’t stop laughing at Trump’s case. This kind of bluff only works if the target is naive or jittery enough to cave.

This evening John Bolton’s lawyer released a statement to the media, confirming that he’s spent the past week trying to communicate with the National Security Council about the supposed classified information, and that the NSC won’t even respond to him. The lawyer also included his own emails to NSC as proof. This is crucial because it demonstrates that no attempt is being made by the Trump regime at acting in good faith, or in earnestly attempting to resolve the supposed problem.


This kind of thing weighs heavily on legal rulings. If Donald Trump were to file in court for an emergency injunction asking a judge to order a halt to the release of John Bolton’s book, it wouldn’t have happened anyway. But now that John Bolton is calling Trump’s bluff by demonstrating proof of bad faith, it all but guarantees that Trump can’t get anywhere with any attempted legal maneuver.

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