Donald Trump is acting like a caged animal with nowhere left to turn

There was a time, not too remote in history, where the President of the United States was the President for all people, not just some. He acted for the benefit of all, and in spite of the hate that was part of his eight years in the White House. The source of much of that hate was created by Donald Trump, in the form of the Birtherism Conspiracy. Today, we are exposed to a constant drumbeat of anger and pettiness by the creator of that conspiracy. It is tiring. It is exhausting.

Recent polling shows that 60% of the population does not like Trump as a person. Fifty-four percent of people do not like his policies and 58% feel that he is not doing enough for the middle class. Today’s example of uncontrolled anger and reprehensible behavior came in the form of Trump revoking the security clearance of former CIA Director John Brennan. This is not Trump invoking his Constitutional responsibility as he claims, it is an abuse of presidential power.

Brennan, along with those also set to lose their clearance, will be victims of Trump’s expansive view of his own presidential power. This is a clear effort by this “President” to punish his critics, and to attempt to control the narrative coming from his many critics. But in truth, it won’t, and he knows it. Trump is acting like a caged animal with nowhere to turn. There is nothing that Brennan has said or written that is a betrayal of the oath he took.

It is also clear from Brennan’s response that he will continue to speak out, as his “principles are worth far more than clearances.” Trump is an angry, vengeful man, acting out of fear as he awaits the Paul Manafort verdict and subsequent second trial, the imminent and threatening potential of new Omarosa tapes which have left White House staffers “terrified” and of course, the Mueller investigation that looms in the background like a powerful energy that cannot be seen, but which Trump can certainly feel.

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