Donald Trump and his attorney busted for illegally conspiring against FBI witnesses

Donald Trump has spent the past several months loudly and dishonestly attacking the reputations of a handful of specific FBI officials who all just happened to be witnesses in the obstruction of justice case against him. If you’ve strongly suspected all along that this wasn’t a coincidence, your suspicions are now being confirmed. In fact, Trump and his personal attorney have been busted for illegally conspiring against these specific officials.

Shortly after Trump hired John Dowd to his legal team in the Russia scandal in the middle of 2017, Dowd informed him that specific FBI officials would be crucial to the obstruction case because they were witnesses to Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey. Trump responded to this by formulating a plan to attack those officials in particular, according to a new Foreign Policy report (link). This constituted witness intimidation or witness tampering, which is a serious crime. As it turns out, even as Trump and his allies have been targeting these witnesses, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been investigating them for this tampering.

Perhaps more importantly, this report spells out that Trump’s attorney conspired with him to commit crimes, which means the attorney is now a suspect himself, which in turn may take attorney-client privilege off the table. In other words, Trump’s own attorney may now have to cut a plea deal and testify against Trump in order to avoid being prosecuted himself.

This also opens up Donald Trump’s other allies to potential criminal liability. Several of Trump’s current and former advisers, along with certain Republican members of Congress, and even certain Fox News personalities, have been part of the coordinated effort to dishonestly smear and intimidate these specific witnesses. If these individuals were coordinating with Trump on this, they could all be on the hook for conspiracy witness intimidation or conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report