Last night Palmer Report brought you the story of how Donald Trump’s White House used its official Twitter account to falsely claim that it was snowing at the White House, at a time when the temperatures were in fact unseasonably warm. The question was how the Trump regime managed to post a photo showing it snowing at the White House, when no such thing was happening.

Now we have our answer. Tech site Gizmodo was kind enough to go digging, and it discovered that the photo in question was actually taken on January 7th, and posted to the White House Flickr account at that time:

It’s like these guys aren’t even trying anymore. Why grab a photo you’ve already publicly posted elsewhere five days earlier, and try to pretend that it’s brand new? They were going to get busted for this, and they did. If this was an attempt at trolling us, it’s the lamest and most ineffective attempt we’ve seen yet. All it does is hand the media an easy opportunity to point out how inept and idiotic the Trump regime truly is. Now back to impeachment.

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