Donald Trump throws Rudy Giuliani under the bus

So much for the notion that Rudy Giuliani and Donald Trump had some secret evil genius plan. Now that Rudy has gone on national television and confessed that Trump really did commit a number of specific felonies, and the feedback from political and legal observers has ranged from stunned to amused, suddenly Trump is distancing himself from Rudy. Really distancing himself.

Trump was speaking with a group of reporters today when he was asked about the situation. He said this: “Rudy knows it is a witch hunt. He started yesterday. He’ll get his facts straight.” Then he said this to a different set of reporters: “When Rudy made the statements, Rudy’s great, but Rudy had just started and wasn’t totally familiar with everything.” In other words, not only is Trump now disputing Rudy’s admission that Trump reimbursed Michael Cohen for his payoff to Stormy Daniels, Trump is also accusing Rudy of not knowing anything at all. It gets worse.

Giuliani insisted that when he was making these admissions on Trump’s behalf, he had already gotten Trump’s blessing beforehand. So one of the two of them is clearly lying about the other. We’ve spent the past two weeks asking if Rudy’s disastrous representation of Trump has been an intentional attempt on Rudy’s part at quickly getting Trump ousted, or if Rudy has simply gone totally off the deep end. Either way, it’s more clear than ever that this isn’t some kind of secret genius strategy on Rudy’s part to get Trump off the hook, because it’s taken all of fourteen days for Rudy to have incriminated Trump, and for Trump to have insulted Rudy.

Rudy Giuliani initially insisted that he would magically make the investigations into Donald Trump’s crimes go away within a week or two. That was two weeks ago. Time’s up already, and it’s clear that Trump and Giuliani have already had enough of each other’s crap.

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