Donald Trump has completely incoherent meltdown about Bumble Bee tuna fish [Updated]

There is a long running debate about whether Donald Trump, in addition to being evil, is also mentally incompetent. The strongest argument in favor of this notion keeps coming from Trump himself. Tonight he did it again, with a rant that was so incoherent, we’re surprised he didn’t leave the stage in a straitjacket.

Donald Trump used his campaign rally speech to insist that protesters in American cities are using Bumble Bee tuna fish as weapons: “They throw it. It’s the perfect weight, tuna fish, they can really rip it, right? And that hits you. No, it’s true. Bumble Bee brand tuna.”

That’s right, Donald Trump is so far gone that he’s just flat hallucinating about imaginary violent protesters throwing tuna fish at people. In fact his hallucinations are so specific, he even thinks he knows the specific brand of tuna fish that they’re using. It’s unclear why violent protesters would think they need to use a certain brand of tuna in order for it to be effective. Update, 9:35pm: it turns out Trump may have singled out Bumble Bee for a specific reason.

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