“Buckle up” – Michael Cohen hints that his House testimony against Donald Trump will be explosive

Just as Donald Trump was trying and failing to use his border stunt to drum up enthusiasm for his wall fantasy, the House Oversight Committee announced something that was inevitable yet nonetheless crucial: Michael Cohen has been officially scheduled to testify before the committee about the crimes he committed with Trump. Then Cohen made a point of dropping a hint about just how explosive his testimony will be.

Michael Cohen released a generic statement about how eager he is to testify before the committee, and thanking Chairman Elijah Cummings for giving him the opportunity. After all, this will be Cohen’s last big chance to try to make things right in the eyes of the public, and thus perhaps rehabilitate his reputation, before he heads to prison this spring. But then Cohen began retweeting things that hinted at the nature of his testimony.

David Corn of Mother Jones posted this tweet: “Rep. Cummings [email protected] Cohen will publicly testify on 2/7. Much to ask him beyond hush-money payments/campaign finance crime. Cohen can discuss Trump dealings in Russia & reaching out to Putin’s office. And so much more. Buckle up.” Cohen then retweeted this, ostensibly signaling that he agrees with every word of it. So why is this important?

Michael Cohen just made clear that he intends to publicly speak about far more than just the two campaign finance felonies that have been formally levied against Donald Trump. Instead, Cohen is going to expose numerous additional Trump crimes. Palmer Report pointed out earlier that the delayed timing of Cohen’s testimony – four weeks from now – suggests that the committee expects Mueller and/or SDNY to have further exposed more about Trump’s crimes by then, meaning Cohen can publicly discuss it all accordingly. Cohen’s retweet would seem to confirm as much.

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