Donald Trump has bizarre “broken down hack” meltdown

Donald Trump had a pretty horrible day on Thursday. His latest attempt at funding his wall failed. Nancy Pelosi defeated him again. Jared Kushner was busted. It was revealed that thirty of Trump’s White House advisers failed their background checks. Michael Cohen agreed to testify against Trump after all. At the end of it all, Donald Trump had one of his more bizarre meltdowns to date.

We now know how Trump is spending his time during his ongoing government shutdown. He’s lying in bed and watching cable news, just like he was doing before he shut everything down. We know this because Trump went nuclear this evening on a CNN commentator who didn’t suit his fancy.

Here’s what Donald Trump tweeted: “A third rate conman who interviewed me many years ago for just a short period of time has been playing his biggest con of all on Fake News CNN. Michael D’Antonio, a broken down hack who knows nothing about me, goes on night after night telling made up Trump stories. Disgraceful!”


In reality, Michael D’Antonio is a Pulitzer Prize winner who published a biography of Donald Trump in 2015 that was based on interviews he’d conducted with Trump. It’s rather apparent that Trump didn’t like how he was portrayed in the book. But what’s more important here is that Trump is indeed merely watching his own press coverage on cable news instead of trying to find a way out of his shutdown mess and worsening criminal scandals. This is a guy without a plan who’s sinking fast.

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