Donald Trump has complete meltdown about how broke his campaign is

Donald Trump’s recently leaked tax returns reveal that he’s personally flat broke and deeply in debt, just as Palmer Report always suspected. The Trump campaign’s ongoing TV ad cancelations in key swing states reveal that the campaign is just as broke as Trump is.

Of course this is all very embarrassing for Donald Trump, but instead just leaving it alone, he’s having a meltdown about it and bringing even more attention to his dire financial situation. Sometime after midnight, Trump (or whoever might be ghost tweeting for him as he remains sick and weak) went nuts about the whole thing, tweeting:

“I keep reading Fake News stories that my campaign is running low on money. Not true, & if it were so, I would put up money myself … Much of the money we have spent is on our ground game, said to be the best ever put together. I’ll let you know how good it is on November 3rd. Very expensive to do, but opportunity could be BIG! I will spend additional money if we are not spending enough!”


To be clear, there’s no evidence whatsoever of any such “ground game.” Meanwhile back in the real world, various people in the Trump campaign have been sniping at each other in the media about where all the money supposedly went. But the reality is that people generally don’t donate to a candidate they think is going to lose, and Trump just isn’t able to rake in the cash. Instead he’s defensively whining about it like a baby.

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