Robert Mueller brings the house against Roger Stone, Paul Manafort and Michael Cohen

The most proven way for a prosecutor to take down a kingpin is to push his top underlings into flipping on him, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller has long made clear that he understands this. He helped convince Sammy “The Bull” Gravano to flip on John Gotti. He convinced Michael Flynn and Rick Gates to flip on Donald Trump. Now Mueller is hammering away at even more valuable targets in Trump’s orbit, and the news is coming fast and furious today.

When Mueller’s proposed questions for Trump leaked earlier this week, one particularly damning question about Roger Stone led Palmer Report to declare that it was time for Stone to panic. Sure enough, the mainstream media is now reporting that Mueller has in fact zeroed in on Stone, and he’s using Gates to get to him. Trump and Stone have been close for decades, so if Stone flips, Mueller may have his most valuable witness yet. But that’s just the start.

Because Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul Manafort continues to refuse to flip, Mueller is using the Manafort case to expose everyone else involved. Last month Mueller threatened to subpoena thirty-five people to testify against Manafort at trial. Sure enough, today he obtained seventy blank subpoena forms, as two are required per subpoena. So Mueller really is dragging thirty-five Trump/Manafort associates into court, and if he catches any of them lying under oath, he can push them to flip on Trump.

Robert Mueller’s most pointed stab at Donald Trump may be the one that he’s not even personally directing. Today NBC News initially reported that the Feds wiretapped the phone of Trump’s fixer Michael Cohen, before clarifying that his phone calls are merely being monitored. Either way, the bombshell remains: one of the monitored calls was to the White House, which means it was probably to Trump.

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