Robert Mueller just put another brick in the wall of Donald Trump’s prison cell

“President” Donald Trump has been crying that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is a “hoax” or a “witch hunt.” Many of his friends and sycophants have been downplaying ongoing developments by claiming they’ve shown nothing, they’re a waste of time, etc. However, tonight, Mueller filed his sentencing memorandum with the sentencing judge.

The heavily redacted Addendum to the Government’s Memorandum Aid of Sentencing and cover memo suggests that Flynn, who was facing zero to six months, be given a sentence at the low end of the guideline range due to “the defendant’s substantial assistance and other considerations set forth below.” The Aid Memorandum concludes: “The defendant deserves credit for accepting responsibility in a timely fashion and substantially assisting the government. As described in the Addendum, shortly after the SCO reached out to the defendant to seek his cooperation, the defendant accepted responsibility for his unlawful conduct and began cooperating with the government.”

The submission notes that Flynn met with the Special Counsel’s office nineteen times, and the redacted sections repeatedly refer to continuing investigations. Flynn also gets credit for cooperating early. As any prosecutor can attest, early assistance is crucial for various reasons, including getting others to cooperate because of what the investigators know, and also leads to the ability to track down issues and open items when memories and evidence are still fresh.

As Roger Waters, someone who hates Trump if you have seen him in concert, sings, in “Another Brick in the Wall,” “I have seen the writing on the wall… All in all it was all just bricks in the wall….” A wall is being built, brick by brick, by Mueller. For any doubters, Flynn’s sentencing memo is “another brick in the wall.” For the man who claims that we will have a wall and Mexico will pay for it, we will indeed have a wall, a Russian wall built by Mueller and the Muellericans, and in a sad twist, Trump will be paying for this wall that is being built brick by brick, with what is looking more and more like indictments for Trump and the transition team and others.

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