Devin Nunes caught up in Trump-Russia related bribery scandal

Devin Nunes, the dumbest guy in Congress, long had one thing going for him: no one had ever heard of him outside his home district. He somehow managed to make it as far as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee without landing on the national radar, meaning that he could get away with as much buffoonish corruption as he wanted; no one was paying attention. But the Trump-Russia scandal has placed Nunes firmly under the spotlight, and now all his idiotic criminal antics are coming to light. This time around there’s a money trail involved.

Nunes conspired with former Trump White House adviser Ezra Cohen-Watnick in early 2017 to leak classified information about the Trump-Russia investigation to the Trump administration. The plot never really made sense, and it firmly established Nunes as an idiot and a criminal suspect in the scandal. It also indirectly led to the ouster of Cohen-Watnick later in the year. Cohen-Watnick then took a job with silicon valley company Oracle. That’s when the money started flowing.

No one knows why Oracle executives began donating money to Devin Nunes immediately after the company hired Cohen-Watnick, but enough money was donated that it surpassed the legal limits, according to a new Daily Beast report (link). Considering that Nunes and Cohen-Watnick conspired in a criminal coverup, and then Cohen-Watnick’s new employer immediately began shoving money in Nunes’ direction, this can only be seen as bribery. Campaign donations are an illegal bribe if they’re being made in relation to an underlying crime.

So what the heck is going on here? That has to be investigated. Devin Nunes is so stupid when it comes to his criminal antics, it’s often difficult to even figure out what he was trying to accomplish. But for the first time, there’s now a money trail involved when it comes to Nunes’ obsession with bailing Donald Trump out in his Russia scandal.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report