Revealed: House Democrats have a plan to remove Brett Kavanaugh

Back when the Republican Senate narrowly confirmed alleged serial rapist Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court over the strong objections of the Democrats and the majority of Americans, Palmer Report pointed out that the Democrats could still remove Kavanaugh if they won the midterm elections. Sure enough, it turns out the House Democrats have a plan for doing precisely that.

Unfortunately, it would be tricky to legally prove that Brett Kavanaugh committed rape and sexual assault, because it happened decades ago. Witnesses forget details, evidence deteriorates, and so on. But it would be very easy to prove that Kavanaugh committed perjury during his confirmation hearings. That’s a felony that you go to prison for, and it would certainly result in Kavanaugh’s ouster from the Supreme Court. Now the House Democrats are addressing precisely that.

Democratic Congressman Joe Neguse is a brand new member of the House Judiciary Committee. He doesn’t make the committee’s decisions; Chairman Jerry Nadler does. But Neguse just revealed something crucial when he told his constituents at an event that the committee will likely investigate Brett Kavanaugh for perjury. Neguse wouldn’t say something like this unless Nadler has told him that’s the plan.


Although the House Judiciary Committee can’t unilaterally remove Brett Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court or even bring criminal perjury charges against him, it can refer Kavanaugh to the appropriate U.S. Attorney’s office for criminal prosecution. We’ve already seen this process result in felony indictments for other Trump-connected perjurers such as Samuel Patten. While it could take some time, there is every reason to expect that this plan could result in Kavanaugh not only being ousted, but being put on criminal trial, and ultimately heading to prison.

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