Ivanka Trump is at her breaking point

Because Donald Trump has only ever trusted his own corrupt inner circle, and because no decent human or competent political operative would want to work for his garbage White House anyway, he’s ended up with a skeleton crew which largely consists of his family members and a few longtime sycophants. At the center of it all is his daughter Ivanka, who seems to have her fake White House adviser job for no other reason than that Donald can’t function otherwise. Now that’s backfiring on him and her both, in ways that the rest of us all saw coming.

Ivanka Trump’s public-facing role in the White House has long been to insert herself inappropriately into places she doesn’t belong, while occasionally saying the calculated generic “right thing” on Twitter before turning around and blindly defending her father’s scumbaggery. But that’s not even the problem. She brought her husband Jared Kushner with her, and his “job” has been to sift through top secret classified information each day and then use it to manipulate people in the United States and elsewhere into giving him personal loans for his failing real estate ventures.

That finally became enough of a distraction for Donald Trump this month that he sat back and allowed White House Chief of Staff John Kelly to revoke Kushner’s provisional top secret security clearance, meaning he now must rely on less vital national secrets when plotting his financial crimes. If Kushner weren’t Trump’s son-in-law, he would have been fired outright. Instead, not only is he still technically on the job despite being under criminal investigation, he’s causing feuding between Trump’s daughter and Trump’s Chief of Staff.

Ivanka Trump’s take on the situation, according to Vanity Fair: “Why do you have to embarrass Jared like that?” (link). Maybe it’s because people who are on their way to prison shouldn’t continue to be handed classified information so they can try to use it for one last payday before the grand jury indictment comes in. This is a lesson on why nepotism in a place like the White House never works out well for the American people. It’s also a lesson for Ivanka that she should never have agreed to get wrapped up in her father’s criminal White House. She’s clearly at her breaking point – and this is before her father and husband go to prison.

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