Breaking down MAGA

One question I hear so often is about MAGA. “How can we break through to them?” I hear this almost constantly. I wanted to write an article on this topic because so many still seem convinced there IS a way to get through to MAGA. I do not. Not anymore.

I have tried. As I wrote in another article, the first MAGA I ever engaged with cheerfully wished cancer on me. Since then, I have spoken to many and have observed a few things.

First off. Many a MAGA think WE are the ones who are brainwashed. They call us “sheep” for getting the vaccine. Many of them hate science with a passion and fear it. They are not shy about voicing said hatred.

But the other reason why engaging in healthy discourse with MAGA is almost impossible is because of their METHODS of argument.

Most of the ones I have spoken with either do not or cannot answer a direct question. For example, if I bring up January 6th, (most) of them counter with asking me about the burning of businesses in Portland, Oregon.

Let me be clear — I have never to this day ever witnessed a Democrat express joy at the destruction in Portland. Never. But somehow, MAGA has convinced themselves that ALL Democrats were involved in what happened in Portland.

This is an excellent Strawman argument. Many MAGA uses this argument. This is where a question APPEARS to be answered when all that has happened is the one using said argument has moved onto a completely different subject.

Sometimes I try to combat that by saying, “I condemn all violence. Do you?” A rare few say yes. But usually, I never receive a response. MAGA also likes to use the Polemic argument, which I also spoke about once before. That is the art of making a strongly worded statement that appears deeply authoritative but has no basis in reality. An example would be: “It’s a fact that all democrats are woke, socialists.”

So, you get my point. By lumping ALL Democrats together as an enemy, MAGA can feel free to apply non-existent facts to the Democratic party. And I must say this: As bad as January 6th was, I do not believe ALL Republicans were happy about it. We already know Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney were not. There are still a few rational Republicans left.


Sadly, with MAGA, the very act of debating has become impossible, and with all the anger and incorrect assumptions, they make I have gotten to the point where I do not even want to debate.

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