Donald Trump gives disastrous speech in Baltimore and comes off like what little was left of his brain has completely melted

Palmer Report has been tracking the recent instances of Donald Trump’s handlers seemingly trying to keep him from public view. First, he didn’t go to Poland, using the hurricane as an excuse – but then his handlers had him play golf the whole time. Then his campaign blamed the weather for a North Carolina appearance that it canceled after he’d already arrived.

Yesterday Donald Trump gave a speech in Baltimore, a city where he’s widely hated for good reason, and his speech was perhaps the best argument yet for why his people might no longer want him appearing in public. Yes, Trump referred to Mike Pence as “Mike Pounce.” Okay fine, everyone gets tongue tied sometime. But Trump spent the entire speech failing to form words.

Trump sounded so messed up during his speech, it made his infamous “United Shesh” moment seem tame in comparison. The guy slurred his way through the speech so badly, it’s as if he needed to stop and buy a vowel. He came off as a guy whose brain is no longer properly functioning.


Yes, Donald Trump gave a rally speech in North Carolina the other night (after his handlers canceled his other North Carolina appearance of the day), and sure, he sounded pretty much like the usual Trump during that speech. So it’s not as if Trump now sounds like a his brain has melted every time he opens his mouth. But something is very wrong here. If Trump’s people are trying to hide him for good reason, they won’t be able to keep it up forever.

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