Brad Parscale could be flipping on Donald Trump

When Donald Trump’s recently demoted campaign manager Brad Parscale was taken into custody over the weekend in an incident that involved everything from a weapons cache to allegations of domestic violence, Palmer Report pointed out that Parscale could end up having no choice but to cut a plea deal against Trump in an effort to stay out of prison. Now it turns out we’re not the only ones who see it that way.

The Trump family itself is now worried that Brad Parscale could be flipping on Donald Trump, according to a lengthy new expose published by Vanity Fair. As it turns out, the Trump family is worried about Parscale going down on campaign finance violations and opting to take the Trump campaign down with him. It’s worth pointing out that such charges would potentially be pardonable by Trump, but the charges he could end up facing as a result of his incident over the weekend would not be federal and would thus not be pardonable.


In any case, the timeline is far from clear. Would Brad Parscale try to cut a plea deal before the election, under the premise that he might get a more lenient sentence while he can still inform voters of Trump’s crimes before they go to vote? Could something like that even be pulled off in the next five weeks? But one thing is clear: the Trump campaign is stupidly pushing Parscale in the direction of flipping. The Daily Beast says the campaign is even removing all evidence of Parscale from its website, which serves no purpose at this late date other than to isolate Parscale and make him realize that Trump isn’t going to rescue him.

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