Donald Trump just got booed while attending another sporting event

When Donald Trump’s babysitters tried to cheer him up this week by taking him to a World Series game in Washington DC, the crowd loudly booed him and then chanted “Lock him up!” at him. It was a clear repudiation of a boorish criminal who simply isn’t worthy of the office and wasn’t legitimately elected to it to begin with.

So what were Trump’s caretakers supposed to do to help him get over having gotten booed? Naturally, the idiots decided to take him to another sporting event in another city where he’s even more despised. Trump and a few of his House Republican co-conspirators attended a UFC fight at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday night. Predictably, didn’t go well.

Earlier we brought you the story of how Trump faced a large group of protesters outside Madison Square Garden upon his arrival. As it turns out, Trump didn’t fare any better once he was inside. CBS News says the MSG crowd mostly booed Trump, with just a few cheers mixed in.


Baseball and UFC are supposed to have fan base demographics that are skewed in Donald Trump’s favor – but the crowds at both events gave him the vicious greeting he deserved. At this point there doesn’t seem to be anywhere Trump can go, outside of one of his own bottom-feeding lunatic rallies, where the crowd won’t boo him. He’s the most egregious criminal in American history, so it’s fitting that he’s become one of the most despised people in the country.

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