Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman destroys Trey Gowdy and Louie Gohmert to their faces

Today’s Peter Strzok testimony before the House Oversight Committee was a disaster for Donald Trump and his allies from the start. Trump has been pushing phony conspiracy theories about Strzok for months, but when Strzok testified today, he made a confident and compelling argument that he hadn’t violated anything, and that Trump’s team were the real criminals. Strzok responded so defiantly it left Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy looking like he wished he could leave. Then Democratic Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman found a way to make things even worse for the GOP.

Republican Congressman Louie Gohmert launched an unhinged and viciously personal attack on Peter Strzok, which prompted multiple Democrats on the committee to shout him down. One of them could be heard from off-camera, yelling “You need your medication” at Gohmert. That voice was later identified as belonging to Bonnie Watson Coleman. But she was just getting started.

At one point Trey Gowdy tried to invoke the notion that the hearings were out of control. Watson Coleman fired back at Gowdy, exclaiming “if you can’t control yourself, how do you expect this Committee to control itself? You’ve been out of control since you’ve been on this Committee. Why don’t you leave it alone? This is not Benghazi.”

In the hours since the hearings, Bonnie Watson Coleman – who was first elected to Congress in 2015 and who up to now has had a relatively small footprint on the national stage – has gained thousands of new followers on Twitter. She’s quickly becoming a hero of the Resistance, even as various pro-Trump factions on social media have begun inventing phony scandals about her.