Donald Trump goes utterly Bonkers McBonkers

Oh dear lord. Donald Trump just had the worst week of his presidency, which is saying something. Everyone from his own advisers to seedy underworld characters flipped on him in the Russia scandal. Even more of his closest confidantes resigned. His porn star scandal got worse. His family is a mess. His North Korea distraction landed with a thud. He even managed to outrage his wealthy GOP donor overlords with his disastrous tariffs. So what’s the word from inside the White House? Trump is absolutely loving it. No, really.

At no point in Trump’s life has he ever been particularly connected to reality, and the longer he’s been in politics, the more outright delusional he’s become. Apparently the disastrous events of the past week or two, which began with began with the devastating resignation of his closest adviser Hope Hicks and ended with the reveal that Robert Mueller has evidence against him that sounds straight out of a spy novel, have prompted Trump to finally and fully snap.

Trump is running around the White House in outright “giddy” fashion, according to a new Axios report (link). He’s apparently making every decision himself and not relying on any of his remaining advisers for anything at all. It sounds like he has no idea what’s even going on anymore, and he’s become so far removed from the reality of his situation, he somehow thinks the fact that he’s fired everyone means he’s winning.

So where does this leave us? For better or worse, we’re probably about to see some of Donald Trump’s most randomly unhinged behavior to date. To be clear, he’s not angry that his failing presidency is nearly dead or that his scandals are closing in by the day. He’s happy, because he’s convinced himself (or has lost the ability to understand) that any of this is even happening to him. So don’t look for bitterly vitriolic behavior from him. Look for giddily unhinged behavior, like a guy who’s so high on laughing gas, he has no idea he’s giddily dancing toward the edge of a cliff.

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