Democratic-controlled House Oversight Committee makes bold move against Donald Trump

There are a handful of House committees that have particular relevance when it comes to exposing Donald Trump’s crimes and taking him down. The House Judiciary Committee is where the impeachment process begins. The House Intel Committee is uniquely suited to investigate Trump’s treason with Russia. But the House Oversight Committee has extraordinarily broad investigative powers โ€“ and the House Democrats just made a bold move with regard to that committee.

The House Oversight Committee, by definition, can investigate just about any aspect of the presidency and the executive branch that it sees fit to dig into. Elijah Cummings โ€“ a seasoned and savvy Democratic Congressman โ€“ is the Chair of the committee, so he’ll be running the show, under the guidance of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Cummings will go after Donald Trump in aggressive and forthright fashion. As it turns out, he’ll have some high profile newcomers at his side.

Newly elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has seen her profile rise sharply as the Republicans have launched one dishonest attack on her after another, and she’s repeatedly gotten the better of them in response. Newly elected Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib gained notoriety for vowing to impeach Donald Trump and cursing at him in the process. They’ve both been added to the House Oversight Committee, along two other far-left firebrands, Ayanna Pressley and Ro Khanna. Why is this important?


There are fifteen Democrats on the House Oversight Committee, so it’s not as if the progressive youth movement has completely taken the committee over. And it’ll be Elijah Cummings calling the shots at the end of the day. But the Democratic Party leadership has made the conscious decision to put some of its most prominent young flamethrowers on a committee that’ll be interrogating an endless stream of Trump’s henchmen and associates in front of the television cameras. It’s clear that the Democrats are taking the most aggressive route possible here.

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