Devin Nunes blows it yet again for Donald Trump

Devin Nunes has already caused a huge headache for his puppet master Donald Trump. Nunes wrote a memo detailing supposed abuses by the FBI in its investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal. But the memo is so confoundingly stupid, even Trump’s own legal advisers have told him not to let it see the light of day. Now Nunes has blown it yet again, creating an even bigger problem for Trump.

It’s bad enough for Trump that he’s now facing the no-win choice of releasing a memo that’ll likely hurt his cause, or not releasing it and facing endless questions about why he’s keeping it hidden. Now that the memo has become such a scandal, one of the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee asked Nunes straight-up whether or not he had colluded with Trump’s White House while crafting the memo in Trump’s defense.

His response: “I’m not answering.” (link). That, of course, means “Yes.” So now we know that Nunes did in fact conspire with the White House to craft this memo. That means Nunes and Trump, and everyone else involved with the memo, are guilty of obstruction of justice. If Special Counsel Robert Mueller didn’t already have them nailed for it, he does now. So the memo has not only backed Trump into a corner, it’s incriminated him.

How could Devin Nunes not have expected this question at some point? How could he not have been prepared to talk his way out of having to answer? How could he think that “I’m not answering” wouldn’t give away that the answer is yes? Oh right, he’s an idiot. When Donald Trump chose Nunes to do his bidding on the House Intelligence Committee, he didn’t consider that Nunes is a bumbling buffoon who was only going to make things even worse. As the memo becomes more scandalous, this may only get worse for them both.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report