The Donald Trump regime just blinked on transition

The longer Donald Trump drags out his refusal to admit he lost the election, the less leverage he has. Eventually, even the people around him were going to start moving on with the transition without him. First we saw it with certain Republican operatives publicly telling Trump that it’s over. Now it’s coming from within the building.

CNN is reporting that a “handful of current Trump administration officials” have reached out to the Biden transition team in order to essentially start the transition in informal fashion. Why are they doing this? You could say their consciences finally got to them, if you believe anyone left in the Trump regime has a conscience. But more likely, they just don’t want to end up becoming so toxically radioactive over this, they can’t end up getting work afterward.

In any case, this means that the Donald Trump regime just blinked. The Trump officials who reached out to the Biden team, had to know that the Biden team would leak it to the media. And they had to know that news of this development would only serve to undermine Trump’s already-collapsing argument that he somehow magically won the election. It’s just that some of Trump’s own people are more selfishly interested in protecting their own interests than in protecting Trump. Funny how that works.

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