Donald Trump just blew it again

Whenever Donald Trump gets an opportunity to advance himself politically, he rarely manages to do it the right way. When he could use events like the COVID pandemic to shore up popular support and political muscle, he ends up exposing his own incompetence or personal grudges and the entire power play tends to backfire. When news broke on Monday of a COVID vaccine that had a 90% effective rate, he didn’t pay too much attention.

Sure, his administration tried to take credit for it, despite the vaccine being developed independently of the Warp Speed initiative that they’ve been pushing for medical companies to fast track trial testing, and he tweeted about it briefly, but the problem is that most people, his supporters included, don’t really read his tweets in the first place.

So it should have come as no surprise that Trump not only failed to credit himself with the discovery of the new Pfizer vaccine, he actually decided to go so far as to accuse Pfizer of meddling in the election because of the time the vaccine was released, even though it’s nowhere near ready to be developed in the mass quantities needed to stave off the pandemic. Right to the end, Trump’s narcissism has hindered his ability to deal with any kind of global crisis, as he can only think about how it will affect him.

It also makes it clear that Trump doesn’t really have much of a strategy left since he’s at least somewhat aware that he lost the election but can’t quite find someone or something to blame for why he’s going to lose to Joe Biden by well over 5 million votes.

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