Yep, the Trump-Russia blackmail thing is real after all

Now that Robert Mueller has begun having Michael Cohen publicly air Donald Trump’s involvement in the Trump-Russia scandal for all to see, this has raised a lot of questions. For instance, is there really a Pee Pee Tape? But while that might be the most salacious aspect, the larger question has been whether Vladimir Putin has been holding blackmail material on Trump. Now we know that the answer is definitely yes.

For the past twenty-two months Donald Trump has been serving as President of the United States. That entire time, Putin has been sitting on his knowledge of the secret Trump Tower Moscow plot. Sure, pieces of it have leaked out into the media over the past six months, but we didn’t get anything close to the full story until today. In the meantime, numerous Trump people – including Donald Trump Jr – have legally staked themselves to the lie that the project never existed.

So yeah, Putin has been holding blackmail material over Donald Trump all this time. For instance, in the year and a half since Donald Trump Jr testified to the House about the Trump-Russia scandal, Putin could have leaked this – and sent Junior packing for prison – at any time. This means that Putin has had the ability to send Donald Trump’s son to prison all along, and Trump has known it. That’s the textbook definition of having blackmail material over someone.

As these next days play out, we’ll likely see far more of these kinds of stories revealed. But as of now, we have confirmation that Vladimir Putin has been holding blackmail material over Donald Trump for at least as long as he’s been in office – and probably far longer than that. If you’ve spent all this time knowing in your gut that Putin was blackmailing Trump, now you no longer have to wonder about whether you’re right; you are.

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