If Russia is blackmailing Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley, here’s how it got to each of them

In a very short period of time, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has gone from firmly standing against Donald Trump’s lunacy, to making criminal moves against those who dare to investigate Trump’s treason. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has made a similar pivot, from helping lead the Trump-Russia investigation to now committing crimes on Trump’s behalf. If these two Senators are being blackmailed by Russia – and it sure looks like they are – here’s how Russia got to each of them.

First, let’s call this what it is. Graham and Grassley demanded today that the Department of Justice launch a criminal investigation into Trump-Russia dossier author Christopher Steele for absolutely no reason. They’re simply trying to destroy the life of a respected former MI6 agent who helped investigate Trump. This is one of the most corrupt and illegal actions that anyone in the Senate has ever taken. They’re both facing the very real risk of dying in prison if it backfires. They’re not stupid men. They’re not going this far just to get a tax scam passed.

If Lindsey Graham is being blackmailed, it’s almost certainly because someone has his emails. He publicly acknowledged during the Republican primary race that his emails were hacked (source: CNN). People don’t steal a public figure’s emails and then do nothing about it. They were never publicly released, and in most of these instances, that means the perpetrator is holding the emails over the person’s head. So if Graham’s emails were stolen by Russia for blackmail purposes, and if those emails were embarrassing or incriminating, it would explain why Graham is suddenly going to utterly demented lengths to protect Russia’s puppet Trump.

So what about Chuck Grassley? Back in February of 2017, just days after Donald Trump was sworn in, Grassley was seated with a member of the Russian parliament during the National Prayer Breakfast. We know this because Grassley posted about it on his Twitter and Instagram accounts (link). Who arranged for a Russian MP to sit with Grassley, and why? What was discussed? Did this ultimately lead Grassley to do a complete one-eighty with regard to the Trump-Russia investigation later in the year? It very much appears two key Senators are being blackmailed into committing serious crimes by the Russian government. We must get to the bottom of this.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report